Student Feedback Form



For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statement by choosing a Yes or No.

Sr. Question Yes No
1 Is the office helpful in administrative matters? Yes No
2 Do you receive the mark statements in time? Yes No
3 Are there enough clean class rooms available in the Department? Yes No
4 Are the toilets Cleaned properly? Yes No
5 Are you provided with enough drinking water? Yes No
6 Are you happy with the food served in the present Canteen? Yes No
7 Do You think that your grievances are redressed? Yes No
8 Are You aware of the functioning of a Placement Cell in your college? Yes No
9 are the Lab. Equipments in proper working conditions? Yes No
10 Are you provided with adequate quantity of chemicals and specimen for carrying out Lab. Activities Yes No
11 Do you avail any scholarship from the University Yes No
12 Are you a beneficiary of free education scheme of your university Yes No