Student Feedback Form



For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statement by choosing a [√]Score between 1 and 5. A Higher score indicates a stronger agreement with the statement.

Sr. Question 1 2 3 4 5
1 The Teacher cover the entire syllabus
2 The teacher discusses topic in detail
3 The teacher possesses deep knowledge of the subject taught
4 The teacher communicates clearly
5 The teacher inspires me by his/her knowledge in the subject
6 The teacher punctual to the class
7 The teacher engages the class for the full duration and completes the course in time
8 The teacher comes fully prepared for the class
9 The teacher provides guidance counseling in academic and non‐academic matter in/outside the class
10 The teacher encourages participation and discussion in class (Teacher‐Student, student‐student )
11 The teacher encourages and values disagreement
12 The teacher uses modern teaching aids/gadgets, harldouts,suggestion of references, PPT, web resources (Any other)
13 The teacher Pays attention to academically weaker students as Well
14 The teacher relates the course material with real world Situations
15 The teacher’s attitude toward the students was friendly and Helpful